Study Participants

The Social and Cultural Neuroscience Lab is currently recruiting study participants! 

If you are interested in participating in a research study, please email us at or fill out our Recruitment Survey linked below.

Student Sona Study Participants

The Emotions/Images Sona Study is a fMRI study that the Social and Cultural Neuroscience Lab is currently recruiting for. Person of Contact for the study is our 5th-year graduate student Steven Anderson: Tel #: 305-284-8688 and Email:


You will complete tasks that help us gain a better understanding of how people respond to emotional imagery, including an MRI scan. The study will involve about 135 minutes of in-lab participation. During the lab session, you will complete questionnaires, and also take part in a 1-hour MRI scan. You will be compensated 5 credits, $40, or some combination of cash and credits for your time and effort.

ELIGIBILITY CONFIRMATION: Please note there will also be an approximately 5 minute (unpaid) phone screening before your session to ensure that you are eligible for this study.

CANCELLATION: You must cancel your participation no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time to avoid penalty.

For more information about our location and contact info: Contact Us.